10 Must-Have Items To Bring Along During Your Next Limousine Party

The limo is a great place to cut loose, let loose and unwind for a night on the town, and one of the best ways to do this is by taking the limo to a popular or trendy place where you can start off the night with a drink and some appetizers. Everyone loves to be chauffeured around in a limo, and there is nothing better than having your own personal driver and driver. If you’re having a party in a Limo, things get even better. But, to have the time of your lifetime, make sure you have all essentials covered.

Here, James who recommends military gifts for servicemembers at GiftASoldier has narrowed down the essential items to bring along during your next Limo party that will keep your guests happy.

See the list below and decide for yourself.

Must-Have Limousine Party Items

Party Food/ Drinks

Nothing completes a party like good food. Bring food that is enough for the whole night so no one goes hungry. But there’s the problem with everyone’s eating requirements! Some are lactose intolerant, some are vegetarian. Make sure you have these sorted out or things can get pretty sour (literally!) You can always go for the option of getting catered by the Limo service if you want to get pampered. Also, don’t forget the booze! A party ain’t one until you have some healthy doses of drinking. Just make sure no one goes overboard.

Plates and Cups

Of course, you’re going to want to make sure you have the right utensils to serve the food you’ve taken with you. I recommend something lightweight and disposable, such as plates and cups. They are great for messy or wet foods, plus they are easy to clean at the end of your trip. Again, the Limo service you rented out can help you with this too. Get hold of their catering service and you should be set for the night.

Party Decorations

Let your night truly shine with customized limo decorations. For the ultimate limo experience, decorate your ride with personalized touches to make sure you’re headed to the party of your life. Choose from temporary window paint, pictures, flowers, and balloons to make your night unforgettable and spectacular.

Music Playlist

Mix up your party game. Grab your friends and get ready for a night out you won’t forget with a fun playlist of tunes. Play, sing, dance… you can even coordinate matching outfits! Make sure you have an awesome playlist on your phone, with cable/USB to plug-in attachments. It’s better to ask beforehand what attachments you need to bring so you avoid any buzzkills at the last moment.

Phone/camera and charger

No explanation needed on this one. You don’t want your phone dying right in the middle of all the fun, do you? If you can’t post on Instagram live, then one could argue, did it even happen? It’s worth mentioning because it is common to forget such essentials in anticipation of this fun night. I advise preparing a bag with spare batteries, chargers one day in advance. This way you can just grab and go knowing you are covered.

Change of Clothes

If you’re going to be out partying with your friends, knowing beforehand that it’ll probably get messy, why not pack an extra pair of clothes? It could mean the difference between leaving the party in a limousine looking dignified or hoofing it out of the club as the last stragglers. Thank me later for this lifesaving tip.

Emergency Kit / Motion Sickness Medication

The night doesn’t always go as planned. Don’t miss out on the fun and pack a “just in case” emergency kit. Keep some basic essentials like Band-Aids, safety pins, and wipes. It’s better to pack some motion sickness medication if you want to avoid a mess of someone throwing up inside the Limo. If that happens, the party is basically over.

Spare Cash

You’ll probably be hitting a few clubs and splurge some cash. It’s expected and you should be prepared if things go sideways. What if you need to pay for some emergency or an unexpected expense and can’t use your card? I know it’s hard to think of such a scenario but it’s always better to be prepared than to be sorry.

Comfy Spare Shoes

Partying all night with those fancy heels will take a toll on your feet. How about you change into something comfortable in the Limo to let your feet recover and change into your fancy toes when you step out? Seems simple right? This party hack will keep you energized throughout the night so you can enjoy each dance floor to the fullest.

Car Seat For Kids

Some of the kids will enjoy the freedom of lavish inside spaces, while others will love their view of the outside from your limo vehicle’s windows. Some children are rambunctious one moment, and they may be snuggled in the arms of their parents the next. No matter how far you travel or what kind of fun you’re having, your kids deserve to be safe and secure. Don’t forget to fix these seats before leaving.

That’s It, Folks!

This list is meant to inspire you to really think through before leaving in your Limo rental. There’s no worse feeling than you forgetting something you should’ve brought along. I recommend nothing down whatever crosses your mind on a handy notepad so you don’t forget.

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