Our Fleet

A solo passenger, a double date, or even a symphony orchestra – we’ve got it covered.

Our Fleet

A solo passenger, a double date, or even a symphony orchestra – we’ve got it covered.

Miami Limos Fleet Services

Our clients’ ground transport requirements come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why the luxury vehicles in our fleet do, too. A solo passenger, a double date, or even a symphony orchestra – we’ve got it covered. The constant factor throughout our fleet is the uncompromising Limo Services Miami standard of perfection and luxury. We do not and will not dispatch any vehicle that is not in perfect operating condition and immaculately clean.


Limousines, naturally, are our specialty. Choose a limo from Lincoln, Ford, or Chevrolet. In South Florida, our flagship limousine is the spacious Lincoln Town Car Stretch. This classic pampers up to 8 passengers with all amenities. And making an unforgettable statement on arrival.

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Luxury Sedan

Our luxury sedans offer maximum comfort, with plush leather seats, advanced climate control, and superior sound insulation, making for a smoother and more relaxing ride. Plus, with advanced safety features, and high-end audio systems, you can be assured your ride will be safe and enjoyable. Anywhere you need to go, Limo Services Miami gets you there in comfort, safety, and style.

Mercedes 550 for carrying 3 to 4 passengers

Luxury Wagon

Our luxury wagons provide the same level of comfort and sophistication as our sedans while adding more cargo-carrying flexibility. Each car is finely tuned for a smooth, quiet ride, which you can enjoy while our expert chauffeurs get you safely to your destination.

sport utility vehicle, for small groups with cargo

Luxury SUV

For slightly larger groups and greater cargo requirements, we offer the roomy and comfortable luxury SUV. Our fully-featured sport utility vehicles give each passenger extra space for a first-class relaxation experience–while also carrying providing all the cargo space required for luggage and any other travel gear. If your travel requirements demand flexibility and versatility, an SUV piloted by Limo Services Miami is the optimal choice.

Mercedes Sprinter vehicle for carrying medium-sized groups


The Sprinter is the right choice if you need extra room & flexibility for passengers and luggage. We can configure the vehicle for up to 12 passengers and still have room for suitcases, but we can easily adapt the interior to create more cargo space. And with top safety features, this vehicle is perfect for larger groups, whether for business, family, or friends.

Motor Coach

For the ultimate group transportation experience, the motor coach delivers unequaled spaciousness, for all passengers and cargo. These extra-large vehicles ensure complete comfort for any dozens of passengers, and make it easy to move everyone at once between locations. They’re perfect for weddings, when the ceremony, reception, and other stops are all in different places. With a motor coach, the party goes with you, and no one misses a single moment.

Stretch Limousine

Nothing elevates the elegance and luxury of your travel experience like a stretch limousine. Whether for just a couple or a medium-sized group, this vehicle creates a memorable trip on any occasion. Limousines are also perfect for making a lasting impression on business clients. And because our chauffeurs have extensive driving experience and training you are guaranteed a comfortable, safe, and stress-free ride.

Stretch SUV

Looking for a fun vehicle that turns heads wherever you go? The stretch SUV is the perfect choice. With plenty of room for your group and luggage, plus style to spare, your journey will be unforgettable in a stretch SUV driven by Limousine Services Miami.

10-Passenger Van

Our spacious and flexible 10-passenger vans get your group and luggage/gear anywhere quickly and safely. Removable seats allow us to provide the perfect layout for your trip. And with an expert driver from Limousine Services Miami, you can be sure you’ll get to your destination safely, efficiently, and comfortably.

sport utility vehicle, for small groups with cargo

Muscular SUVs (Full Size SUV, SUV Limo)

For some kinds of occasions, a luxury SUV is the vehicle our clients prefer. Our fully-featured sport utility vehicles are configured for 7, 8, or 9 passengers. With room to spare, of course, for luggage. A limo, after all, speaks of elegance and refinement. In contrast, a luxury SUV lets the world know that the people inside mean business. But demand comfort. Without compromise. It’s a matter of personal preference and style. Some clients in formal wear prefer to step out of a limo at the banquet, but like to emerge from an SUV in party clothes at a club. Your call.

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