How to Get from Miami Airport to South Beach?

Want to go from Miami airport to South beach and looking for the best and comfortable vehicle? 

If you stay in any hotel in South Beach in Florida, Miami, you have asked while they offer a shuttle service from MIA (Miami Airport) to their site. You may have been knowledgeable that they do not. It can be trivial to neglect this choice if it is present, with the convenience and cost nearly peerless. If they are not offering a shuttle – or if you are a visitor staying anywhere else in another place in South Beach – you can see a diversity of ways to go to Miami airport toSouth beach.

Rent a Car

Often, travelers thinking of traveling from Miami airport to South beach and its nearby areas find it most relaxed to take a ride by renting a car. Numerous car rental businesses set up at MIA (Miami Airport). You can check them at theRental Center close to the Intermodal Center of Miami. The MIA train picks you from the baggage area. The airport is approximately 12 miles away in the west of the South Beach. The drive will take about 20 – 30 minutes in regular traffic; you can hang around and have a cup of coffee at the airport if it is a rush time.

You can also add “Miami, 3900 NW 25th Street,” into the GPS of the rental car for quick directions. Basically, the trip is a straight route along with FL-836 E, also renowned as the DolphinExpressway, which then changes into MacArthur Causeway. You will go through some tools; however, some of the rental car businesses have toll-by-plate competencies; it means the credit card on the file will be charged the fees automatically.         

Hire a Ride

Of course, the taxis are aligned at the airport, waiting to take the visitors wherever they need to go. Go to the taxi stop outside the baggage area. The customers who leave the airport get a flat proportion, which is usually 30 to 40 dollars to the South Beach, without tip. You can always prefer Lyft or Uber ride-sourcing facilities. 

Usually, it is somewhere in the nearby areas of 20 to 30 dollars to get from the airport toSouth Beach. The other options involve multiple limo services and private shuttles, and you can easily track it down with a fast Google search. The shared shuttles are more inexpensive as compared to the individual rides – for single sojourners, though fares are per one individual. 

Take a Bus

Miami-Dade transport operates the Airport Flyer, more commonly renowned as “150 route,” it runs from the International Airport to different stops all over the SouthBeach. It is just a few bucks, making it the best pocket-friendly option; however, obviously the best and suitable to the travelers without an excess of baggage.

The buses go every 20 – 30 minutes varying on different timings in aday, seven days in a week, with the first departure at 6 am and last time at11: 40 pm. Irrespectiveof the relaxing vacation for two or you are in the market for an excellentfamily gateway; the South Miami beach is the best place to thinkabout. 

Why Go to South Beach Miami?

Not only a usual beach off the coast someplace, but the South beach (locals called SoBe) also offers architecture, the celebrity boutiques and famous restaurants of seafood such as Sushi Samba Dromo and Grillfish Restaurant. In 1988, SoBe was acknowledged as a historic place. Though some of the first buildings and hotels wrecked before then, there is yet a considerable number left for travelers to like.

South Beach has multiple attractions that are accessible by vehicle, bicycle, and foot, though it is motivated to take a walk and drink in the relaxing sunshine and atmosphere. South Beach is renowned when you book a limo service from the airport to here and arrive in your style. A few significant places you may like to take a look at include: 

Art Museums

The art museums are placed all over the coast. There is no particular museum you must see because all of them are equally awesome. You can have a look at the Colony hotel that has a 1930’s boutique feeling, located near the Ocean Drive.Besides, the lifeguard huts are present throughout the SoBe. These huts have such a complete history as William Lane contributed them after Hurricane Andrew devastated most of the part of the beach in 1992 and caused almost 40 million damage. The colorful huts are a sign of SoBe beach rebirth, and to remember us of the tragic day for the locals.

Kardashian Empire

The Kardashian empire we hear about in different magazines also has a shop right off Dash, the main pathway. It offers high-end fashion and a possible chance of spotting Kourtney or Khloe as they make the appearances and include some work time when required. Also, small vendors are accessible everywhere you turn selling street art (such as paintings, drawings, and caricature), beachwear, and costume jewelry.

Eating Spots

South Beach is not a place where you can go hungry, though you cannot find the main restaurants you usually do in the home town. South beach is the culture in itself and sticks to this with locally owned places for eating. A famous place for your family as well as little ones is the Cantina’s near the main pavilion as they sell drinks and snacks for beachgoers. Never be taken aback, but as SoBe also offers to sit down restaurants for a more comfortable feel and cater to each palate. Chinese, burgers, seafood, steak, and Italian are all given as well as vegetarian and La Sandwicherie among us.

How much time will it take to get to South Beach from Miami Airport?

It takes almost 54 minutes to get to South Beach from Miami Airport (MIA).

Things to Do in and Around South Beach,Miami

Go to Espanola Way

This small area on South Beach is full of colonial construction, and there are open-air streets. Here you can like people-watching, sitting for lunch or a glass of drink, or grabbing a coffee. It is highly attractive in the day time and makes an excellent place for wandering under the deep sunshine of Miami. Also, it is a beautiful place to be seated and have a meal with a partner or friends and is dreamy. The streets are full of cafes and restaurants, all beneath little blink strings of lights in the cafeteria.

Have a Cocktail at Sugar Factory

You may have seen this Miami spot on different social media platforms. This area is famous for HUGE cocktails, made for distributing with a partner or friends, jam-packed to the brim with candy, syrups, and liquor! There are multiple to choose from, which includes sunshine Tea, Ocean Blue, Bubba Bubba Gum, and Lollipop Passion. These drinks may cost you some bucks; however, they are totally worth it.

Go to Lincoln Road Mall

This is the best place to go if you are looking to go to your favorite stores all in one place. Nothing is soothing than going to the beach in the day and then going to some afternoon shopping and lunch. Here, the travelers will find stores such as Lacoste, Anthropologie, American Eagle, Aldo, Urban Outfitters, H & M, and Zara. Also, there is a great bookstore known as “Books and Books: that you should must-see if you like reading. The streets are full of restaurants as well, which makes it the best place for dinner, drink, or lunch.

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