Airport Transfers in Miami

World-class professionalism, unequaled comfort.

Airport Transfers in Miami

World-class professionalism, unequaled comfort.

The Stunning City of Miami

Miami is one of the busiest cities in the regions of south Florida. It is home to the top banks and companies of the world that results in business travelers in and out of the city on a regular basis. They are one of the most frequent and repeated travelers to the city for official commitments. They are often seen hustling along the Miami International Airport (MIA) to reach their business meetings on time.

The Magic City

Owing to its stunning scenery, breathtaking and crystal blue beaches, popular night clubs, day parties, and its reputation as one of the best places to throw a party, Miami attracts a large number of tourists from other cities of the United States and even from other countries. Individuals tend to fly in with their loved ones to hold their wedding in Miami, have a fancy reception by the sea, throw a birthday party, or organize a bachelor/bachelorette party for their friends.

Traveling itself is a bit of an overwhelming experience whether you are on a short domestic flight or a long haul international flight. Once you have landed from your flight you want to relax in comfortable and punctual airport transfer, and not have to worry about being delayed to your next destination. There are multiple options of car service in Miami, that includes the Miami taxis, the airport shuttle, the luxurious transportation options by Limousine Services Miami.

Once you exit the airport MIA you have the options of choosing the type of airport transfer you want based on your needs. For example, if you are a business traveler visiting the city only for a short duration the relevant option for you is to choose a top of the line vehicle by Limousine Services Miami. Alternatively, a shuttle may be a better option if you are a group of backpack travelers looking for a cost-effective means of transportation.

However, if you are seeking a hassle-free, punctual, and comfortable transportation option you should choose the airport transportation provided by Limousine Services Miami. Regardless of which category of airport transfers Miami, you belong to we will ensure the provision of unparalleled Airport Limo Services to you.

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As the world-renowned seaside city of pleasure, everyone that comes to Miami leaves with an unforgettable experience. Millions of people come to the Magic city all over the world every single year for both business and the beaches. If you’re visiting the city, hustling a ride (standing in line for a taxi or shuttle service) shouldn’t be something you sweat about. In order to reserve a ride with us so you don’t lose out to the other travelers to Miami looking for an airport transfer.

When you’re coming into Miami next, why not book our airport transfer service? You will find us waiting patiently at the Miami International Airport when you arrive. All you need to do is get off the plane, and we’ll take it from there. Book an airport transfer ride with us today.Whether you would like to head into the city area of Miami for some business commitments,  you want to relax at either south beach or Miami beach, or you are on your way to a party we will make sure you get there in style and on time. In case you do not book your airport transfer in advance from the international airport of Miami, you could be looking at a long wait before you gain access to a car service Miami. 

Ride in Comfort

We give you an excellent start to your stay in Miami with an enjoyable ride. Before you land at the Miami International Airport, we will be waiting patiently for your arrival. Our cars are always in prime condition to give you a smooth ride. If you’re going from the airport straight to an event, we have limos to take you and your guests all the way. This will ensure that you have smooth airport transfer transportation with our professional drivers. All our automobiles have the most modern features, that coupled with our hospitality can only be described as first-class.

Our comfortable rides are not restricted to individuals. If you arrive at Miami with your team, rest assured we’ll be there to give all of you a super smooth ride. These rides are a notch up from the airport shuttle which will not be waiting just for your rather many other passengers. Additionally, the airport shuttle may not always have a seat availability ( you may have to stand) or someone to handle your luggage. You get both of these and many more amenities when you choose us for your airport transportation from MIA.

When you choose a shuttle you will have to walk to the designated gate for an airport shuttle and wait for your turn. The shuttle will also drop a number of people prior to your destinations which involves a long waiting time. While our services from the Miami international airport are for you only and your friends or family if they have traveled with you. 

Our Chauffeurs

We have the most skilled and professional drivers in our pool at Limousine Services Miami. They will greet you with the utmost courtesy and ensure that you have a relaxed drive from Miami international airport to your chosen destination.

As your first contact on your arrival to Miami, we make sure to get your visit off to an excellent start. Our chauffeurs are some of the finest you would find anywhere in the world. They not only get you to your desired destination, but they also make the journey worthwhile. During the ride, we make sure you enjoy the beautiful scenery of Miami city.

Luxury & Expertise

Even though our chauffeurs know the city inside out, they are assisted by the most effective navigation systems. So whether you are headed to Key West, Miami beach, Fort Lauderdale, or any other chosen destination from Miami airport, they ensure you reach there without being stuck in bothersome traffic. The same cannot be guaranteed when you book an airport shuttle for transfers from the Miami airport.

The seamless combination of your chauffeur’s expertise and technical assistance gives you the best route to get to your destination. For the duration of the service being booked with us, you have flexibility with respect to where you wish to travel from the Miami international airport.

What to Expect

First-Class Service

When you book your airport transfers from Miami International Airport (MIA) with us you should expect nothing but the best. From the time you step out of the airport mia, you will experience luxury. Your ride will await your arrival by arriving earlier than your expected time. You will be greeted with warmth and your luggage will be taken care of so you can enjoy a relaxing ride in our pristine vehicles. You will not need to worry about the routes of the city once you leave the airport. You can either focus on the scenic route or spend your time preparing for that business meeting for which you had arrived in Miami. If this is your first time you can even take some suggestions from our highly knowledgeable driver about the places you could visit on your trip to Miami.

Depending on which parts of Miami would you love to explore–the bustling South Beach, Miami Beach, or the serenity of Vizcaya Museum and Gardens–you can just tell the chauffeur and you can expect that your trip would start on a note of luxury. Rest assured you will arrive at your required destination on time, relaxed enough to enjoy your day by sightseeing or by sealing that business deal. Smooth airport transfers can save you a lot of hassle and allow the rest of the day to progress as per plan. You will also have sufficient energy to enjoy sightseeing or be present at that business meeting because you will not have been tired out waiting for a suited car services Miami and dragging your luggage in search of a ride from the airport.

Contrastingly a trip on the Miami airport shuttle may wear you out since you will be riding in it for a long time before you are dropped at your destination while having to take care of the luggage yourself as well. Once the airport shuttle leaves MIA they tend to drop passengers in order of whose destination arrives first on the way and so on. 

Pristine Vehicles

The last thing that you can expect from our vehicles is a bumpy ride. Our vehicle pool comprises top of the line cars, be it a sedan, SUV or a limousine. You will be welcome in a spotlessly clean vehicle with comfortable and complimentary amenities based on your choice of vehicle. They are in perfect condition to ensure that you have a smooth drive from the airport to any destination across Miami. This is also one of the reasons why you should choose our airport transfer service rather than shuttle service from Miami airport. The shuttle may seem comparatively easier on the pocket but it does not promise the comfort provided by our vehicles.   

Punctual Arrival

We’ll be waiting at your designated arrival spot, ready to take you to your desired destination. The drivers are well equipped with the arrival details of every passenger who has booked a transfer from Miami airport. Hence, they will be present at the right gate and at the right time for pick up. You will not have to search for them from gate to gate or call to find out where the car is parked. Given the rush at the MIA airport at all times during the day, you do not want to drag your luggage around looking for your ride. These are the elements that end up making your transfers highly exhausting and stressful.

If you’re not quite sure of where to go yet, we are more than willing to give you suitable suggestions about the go-to places in Miami. The city is famous for the best of both types of entertainment; scenic natural beauty and concrete structure that can show the world how to throw a party in Miami.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I book a ride?

You can make a booking here on our website. Before we activate our chauffeurs for your ride, the reservation should be made before your flight takes off. It is essential so that we can have the ride arrive on time at the Miami airport (MIA) and ensure that the vehicle has been adequately prepared to provide you with the best service.Under special circumstances like the peak holiday season or extreme weather conditions, the Limousine Services Miami has rights reserved to decline your booking.  

Can I book a limo for extra services?

Yes. Our limo service is not limited to airport transfers only. You can book our limousine rides for an hour, an afternoon or a day. Beyond Miami airport, we are still at your service.Whether you wish to see the famous tourist spots be driven to a relaxing beach, or to an exciting party we will be there at your service. We will also customize arrangements at a reasonable cost in case there is a wedding taking place, a prom event, or a birthday party that is being organized. We would love to ensure that you and your loved ones have a memorable event. 


Most importantly, we care about your health and wellbeing. Our vehicles are clean and well disinfected before and after every ride. Also, our chauffeurs follow every safety guideline to keep you and your possessions safe. For trips that carry more than one passenger, we practice physical distancing, as well as ensure adequate protection for both chauffeur and passenger.In a shuttle arrangement, you may not be able to practice required distancing since they have a much larger group of people that travel in it.

However, in both cases, the companies have the rights reserved to not allow a particular passenger in the vehicle under special circumstances. Once you have booked your ride with us from MIA, sit back and relax and let us do the rest to make your trip to Miami a memorable one. 

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