How to Hire the Perfect Limo Driver for Your Wedding

Transportation plays a critical role when you are planning your wedding day. There are several questions in your mind: How many vehicles do you need and for how long do you need them? Besides, is hiring a limo driver the best choice for your day?

It is essential is to plan different things early so that everything can go well on your special day. An excellent way to ensure the happy couple loves their unique day is hiring a limousine.

Hiring a Limo Driver

While hiring a limo driver, you should look for some revealing signs of an excellent chauffeur. We all know the importance of the first impression. See the first impression if they appear well-groomed and how they dress. It will be best if you need someone that can send out a decent idea of a limousine company. The next sign is to put a glance at the vehicle.If their own car is chaos, how do you think that they can take good care of your company vehicle?

What to Look for?

When it comes to hiring the perfect limo driver, it is all about the looks and the capacity to stay composed under anxiety. You want a person that will signify your company and can manage variations in the anticipated itinerary for customers.

Sometimes the driver has different pick-ups scheduled, and a flight is delayed when time is a problem. Looking for someone that does not panic with the last-minute variations and gives off the right image is significant.

Questions to be Asked from a Limo Driver

You should ask a limo driver these two main questions when interviewing:

Do you have driving experience? It can set a few drivers different from others. Is a person has had prior experience working for a transportation company; it would be a plus point. It means they know how to deal with the last-minute variations and can stay calm in times of change and stress. Also, they will be aware of the work being given to them on a last-time basis sometimes.

Are you local to the area? – A local candidate would be suitable for your wedding so that he can jump to the work away when asked. Hiring a limo driver that reaches the place of work within 15 minutes is the best fit.

After asking these questions, the below listed are some tips. You will come to know how to make use of your money in the best way so that you can arrive in elegance.

Make a Wedding Timeline

Make a timeline for the wedding day. Evaluate when, where, and how long you will be in different locations and let your driver know. Every factor can impact your transportation plot.

How far is the wedding site? Is the reception in a different or the same location?

Talk to your wedding vendors if you need assistancethinking about the time for photos or make-up. Add additional time to the schedule in order to avoid last-minute delays or emergencies.

Book your car and its driver 4-6 months before the special day. If the wedding on holiday or close to the prom season, reserve transportation early.  During specific times of the year, demand for rentals is higher. You may not get the car you want if you delay the booking.

Finalize Your Budget

Different limo companies charge per hour. Assume a minimum of 3 or 4 hours rental period – it transports the groom and bride to the wedding location in separate cars. After that, the couple is sent to the reception.

When you hire a limo and limo driver, you also pay for the time when you are not in the car. To make sure that your limousine is available, it is not rented throughout the reception and ceremony.

Besides, if you are looking for limo service after your reception, you need to compensate for the period thedriver waits for you. Prefer one main pick and drop-off site to save money and time.

Research, Check Reviews and Ask for Referrals

Check out the company’s website online and have a look at their reviews. You can also request for referrals from family and friends who used a limousine service.

Check the service has an insurance and license. Check out the safety record of the company, too.

A few queries to ask any limo service are below-mentioned:

How old is your vehicle?

What is the cancelation policy?

Is a gratuity covered in the price?

Do you have any special packages?

Are there any extras (sunroofs, snacks, decorations, champagne) included?

Before you decide, get options and quotes from different companies. Also, ask to see the limousine in person and test the driver.

Before Signing a Contract with a Limo Driver Read the Final Print

Before you are going to sign in, read the complete agreement. It must list each detail of the deal

Deposit due date

Hourly rates and overtime charges

Vehicle color and type

Driver name and details

Gratitude policy

Pick-up as well as drop-off times and locations

Verification of insurance and license

Ask the limousine service about what is included and what is not. Don’t forget to read the final print.

Keep the Bridal Party and Groomsmen on Schedule

The limousine ride is an excellent experience for the groomsmen and bridal party.

Also, it makes sure everyone reaches simultaneously. For the wedding group conveyance, stretch limos are best.

Be Creative

No bride desires to go to their wedding venue in an everyday car. It is their unique day that deserves the grace of a limo. Your whole party will feel and look beautiful, arriving in elegance.

After the wedding, the couples can relax and have fun in a limo. Numerous couples prefer limo as a part of their photoshoot.

Enhance Your Wedding Day by Hiring a Limousine and a Limo Driver

Of course! Everyone wants the best while hiring a limousine or limo driver for their wedding. Prefer a company with vast experience, reviews, and referrals.

If you have any questions while planning your wedding transportation, contact us today! 

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