4 Reasons Why Limo Services in Miami Are Better Than a Rideshare

These days, technology apps make it easy to get a safe ride anytime–to anywhere. Popular rideshare services let users order a driver to take them to and from bars, events, and other gatherings where it might be inconvenient or unsafe to drive.

Despite convenience, there are plenty of reasons to opt for a limo service in Miami over a rideshare. If you’re headed to an upscale event, a limo can provide a safe, professional, and classy mode of transportation. Let’s take a look at four reasons why limo services are a better choice in Miami, Florida.

Professionalism is Key for Limo Services

Rideshare services are prolific. Part of their appeal is accessibility. Both drivers and riders enjoy easy access with minimal restraint. While most companies do employ basic safety measures like vetting drivers for safe driving records and requiring vehicle inspections, the rideshare industry prefers a hands-off approach with little oversight. For clients, that sometimes means that when it comes to the level of professionalism you can expect, there may be some liberties taken on the driver’s behalf.

By comparison, limo services in Miami carefully select and vet professional drivers who are dutifully bound to provide exceptional service consistent with the expectations of the company they’re employed by. This means that clients can expect attentive, professional chauffeur services when hiring a limo for transportation.

Miami Limousine Services Deliver Discreet, Upscale Transportation Services

The allure of hiring a limo service is to project an image of wealth or status. It might seem like an insignificant difference, but how you show up to important events really matters. When you step into a limo, you can adopt the feeling of luxury and class that comes with it.

Is there really a significant difference between riding in a limo and using a rideshare? Tinted windows, privacy-minded design features, and high-end interior finishes have a different impact than the smell of stale Cheetos in the backseat of a well-used sedan.

Dedicated Driver for Hire in Miami

When you hire a limousine service in Miami, you’re hiring a dedicated driver by the hour. That means–one driver and one car is yours for the allotted time. Fundamentally, that’s not how rideshares work. Rideshare drivers are more like taxicab drivers. They take as many fares as they can manage, leaving them always slightly distracted and in a hurry to get you where you’re going. Furthermore, at the end of the ride, you always need to order another one should you require further transportation. 

Professional Limo Services are Safer than Rideshares

When you hire a limo, you hire a company that is committed to your safety. Professional drivers with additional training and fleet vehicles with routine maintenance make your limo service experience safer than taking a rideshare. 

Sure, many modern rideshare drivers are in newer vehicles–some even require vehicles to be less than ten years old. And newer vehicles means better safety, including blindspot monitoring, adaptive braking systems, and appropriate seat belt restraints. And you’ll find all of these features in a limo, with the addition of features designed for commercial passenger transport because limousines are designed for commercial use, adequately handling large groups of passengers.

Hiring limo services in Miami allows you to do more than look better–it keeps you safe and focused on the event you’re attending rather than whether or not you can trust a gig worker to get you there safely. From making the right impression to how well you enjoy the transportation experience, a limo is surely the better choice for weddings, conferences, and other celebrations.

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